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Trigoon Dynamics is a firearms training company located in Tucson, AZ.
We offer a variety of training! Check out our “Classes” tab for upcoming classes, and what training we provide!

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Robert Price
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My wife and I had the pleasure of taking multiple classes from Annie and T (owners of Trigoon Dynamics). I have been around firearms since a kid. I tried to teach my wife and get her to learn the basics, but she was terrified. After years of begging, she agreed to attend classes. I enrolled her into a few classes with other schools, before she settled with Trigoon. My wife took Trigoon's "Handgun Series" and enjoyed it. She felt the classes gave her lots of practice ("dry-fire"), and confidence to "dry-fire" at home and practice at the range with me. I am impressed with Annie and T. I know my wife will see this and get upset, but she is a "Type A" person. She can be difficult to deal with, especially learning something new. She needs to have lots of practice and be able to execute whatever it is, well. Regardless of her personality, I am thrilled she is confident and knowledgeable in her handgun abilities! Who knew a lady who was terrified to even touch a handgun, be so excited to go practice one-handed shooting! We are excited to see Trigoon expand and offer more classes! Best wishes Annie and T. - Rob
Google Review
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I took the HG 101 Class the other week and I really enjoyed it! Annie and the rest of her team made me feel comfortable as it was my first time handling a firearm and helped me learn so much! Planning on getting my CCW Permit soon and will continue taking their classes!

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